1. If the carpet does not look dirty, do I still have to get it professionally cleaned?

Although because of texture and color some carpets can mask the appearance of soil better then others, it does not mean that they do not need to be cleaned. The soil in the carpet, whether you can see it or not is an abrasive and will cause loss of the fiber protection. This will lead to early wearing and color loss.

2. Will steam cleaning my carpets ruin them?

When done properly and professionally most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning your carpets to protect them from damage. If the steam cleaning is done by someone who is inexperienced and untrained this lead to problems because they may over wet the carpets. Carpets should always by dry within 1 day of cleaning.

3. Is it very expensive to get my carpets cleaned?

When choosing a company to clean your carpets you shouldn't solely choose a company based on price. Many companies out there use low prices to draw you in and get you to choose them. Most of the companies doing this deliver low quality and service. Carpet cleaning is not cheap. Here at Masters of Denver Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning we offer unbeatable service at reasonable prices. Call Us now to inquire about service in your city (303) 569-8340.
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